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5 Ways to Deal With Being Emotionally Exhausted

Hey guys. I almost forgot today was Tuesday and I owe you guys a blog post. I'm sorry but I've been feeling emotionally exhausted lately. The situations around me have been taking a toll on me and I just feel worn out. Physically I'm fine but emotionally not so great. So I guess this post… Continue reading 5 Ways to Deal With Being Emotionally Exhausted


You’re Beautiful

Hi guys. It is cold here today and I dont want to get out of bed but I'm trying to keep to my blogging schedule and be consistent so here I am. Today I want to talk some more about body positivity. I dont think there could ever be enough posts emphasizing the beauty of… Continue reading You’re Beautiful


Free Zimbabwe

Hey guys. So some of you might have seen the #ZimbabweanLivesMatter around social media lately. Honestly it's about time people around the world finally acknowledged the struggles Zimbabwe is going through. I was born in Zimbabwe and even though I live in South Africa this still deeply affects me. Zimbabwe is considered a low-income country… Continue reading Free Zimbabwe

Physical, Emotional, Mental Health

How To Physically Self Care

Hey guys so I've been gone for a hot minute. I'm sorry the creative juices weren't flowing no matter how much I tried. There were a lot of things going on in my head and I found it hard to properly communicate my thoughts. I'm back however to talk about self care for your physical… Continue reading How To Physically Self Care

Physical, Emotional, Mental Health

Reset Button

Hey guys. Do you ever get those days where everything seems to be piling up or when you are in your feelings and you really can't explain why? Either way, you seem to be falling apart. I get those days too and I'm starting to learn how to deal with emotional distress now, pressing my… Continue reading Reset Button

Me Personally

Living with Strict African Parents

One word - NIGHTMARE. African parents will drive you crazy. They will call you from the living room, shouting your name 3 times only for you to get there and they say "change the channel for me." You will do that and leave and they'll be calling you back because they just remembered they also… Continue reading Living with Strict African Parents

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Sunshine Blogger Award

Hi everybody. I've been nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award for the first time. Even though it's not a real award, I an still honoured to be nominated. I was nominated by Nath, thank you Nath. Please do check out her awesome blog here. You will find random blogs about everything that are so enjoyable… Continue reading Sunshine Blogger Award

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Let’s Talk Sexual Harassment

Sigh. This is a topic that needs to be had because apparently we dont talk about it enough. We only really address it when a story hits the news about a woman abused, raped and killed but then like every other story it dies down. These are the type of things we should never let… Continue reading Let’s Talk Sexual Harassment