Me Personally

Obsessively Negative

The one question I dread the most is "Where do you see yourself in five years?" I hate that question so very intensely. There is the one side of me that is obsessively negative, as if, if I'm negative enough then I can never be disappointed because that was the outcome I was expecting for… Continue reading Obsessively Negative


Women Who Kill

So I am watching this show called Snapped. It’s basically a show about relationships that go south, women who lose their minds and kill someone, some get away with it, other’s don’t. I have always liked weird shows like this. Watching what really makes women kill their partners who cheat or break up with them… Continue reading Women Who Kill


Girl Code & all its complications

So lately there’s this storyline circulating around my local favourite soapies of how one sister wants the ex of her sister. It got me thinking about girl code as my sisters and I talked about it. Simply put, Girl Code is an unspoken set of rules that should guide female relationships whether its sisters, or… Continue reading Girl Code & all its complications

Sex & Relationships

Sexual Liberation in the 21st century

So I’ve been finding it hard to write a little lately, one of those things that happen to writers. And today as I watching the series Euphoria, it hit me how I should talk about SEXUAL LIBERATION. So sexual liberation is basically owning your sexuality, being in charge of your body and doing whatever you… Continue reading Sexual Liberation in the 21st century


Body Count (not the murder kind)

So body count is the number of sexual partners a person has had according to the urban dictionary. I want to talk about its importance in new-age relationships.  If you were hoping for the body count that talks about the number of people one has murdered then I am sorry to disappoint you. I reached… Continue reading Body Count (not the murder kind)


What It’s Like To Be a N.E.E.T

The term N.E.E.T refers to a person Not in Education, Employment or Training. Basically it’s a definition of where I am in my life right now. I graduated from varsity last year and I have had to stay at home since. It’s not really what I want for myself but it is where I am… Continue reading What It’s Like To Be a N.E.E.T


Depression All Around Us

In this day and age you probably know someone who is depressed and going through emotional and mental distress. Maybe you don’t know that’s what they are going through because they are hiding it or you aren’t paying attention. We all feel down and depressed once in a while and usually we post quotes on… Continue reading Depression All Around Us


The System is Flawed for Average Students

So I am an average student, meaning I usually get an average of 65% which is mediocre and average to most. But see I have the potential to do better but that’s not what this is about. This is about how average students are never given a chance or opportunity to get anywhere. All the… Continue reading The System is Flawed for Average Students