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Day 9/30 – Words of Wisdom

Hi. Hello. Hey. Day 9 of the 30 day challenge is here and today I’m supposed to share some words of wisdom. I dont know how to do that but I am gonna try.

I was watching Insecure the other day when Derek (Tiffany’s husband) and Lawrence were talking looking over at Derek’s baby girl, Derek said to Lawrence “When it’s worth it. Make that shit work.” Today those are the words of wisdom I choose.

Very often we give up on things because it’s too hard, it’s taking too long or whatever reason and we forget whether it’s worth it. If its gonna make you happy, bring you money, open doors, improve your life or just benefit you in a positive healthy way then its worth it. And if its worth it then you make that shit work. This could apply to your relationships, your work life, friendships, fitness, mental health or whatever really.

Maybe it’s not entirely words of wisdom but when Derek said that in Insecure I heard it and I made sure to remember it. I guess the whole meaning to what he said was dont walk away because something is hard or not going the way you want especially if you know at the end of the day all your trials and tribulations will be worth it. You put in the work, maintain the effort and fight for whatever is worthy in your life.

And that is the end of my day 9 challenge post. And in case you missed it the words of wisdom are “when it’s worth it, you make that shit work.

P. S. Hope the lockdown is treating you all kindly wherever you are. Stay safe and stay positive (mentally).

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