Me Personally

Day 18/30 – 30 Facts About Me

Hi. It’s a typical day spent in lockdown again and day 18 asks me to share 30 facts about me. Well here are some facts.

1. I like to write

2. I’m an advocate for sex positivity.

3. I like books more than movies

4. Chicken is my favourite food

5. I’m always ready to argue

6. I love making lists for everything

7. I actually like flowers

8. I wish I could walk in heels

9. My favourite place in the world would be my home town

10. One of my favorite moments is when I held my nephew for the first time

11. I daydream way too much its unhealthy

12. My favourite colours are black, blue, pink, green, orange

13. I believe my sexuality is fluid

14. The best gift I’ve ever gotten was a packet full of mini Tex chocolates

15. I have a big fear of holes and cracks

16. I wish I lived in the 90s

17. I once failed my Maths exam so bad I got a 27%

18. I used to collect Playboy and English Blazer perfume bottles

19. I’m obsessed with socks

20. My favourite app is Instagram

21. I prefer sunsets over sunrises

22. I fear all animals really but I fear cats the most

23. I want a romcom type of romance one day

24. I’ve never really been to a club like really

25. Dry red wine is my favourite wine

26. I watch a lot of crime shows, cooking shows, reality shows and Judge Judy on TV

27. I cry really hard when people die in series or movies

28. I’m terrified of giving birth

29. I had my first kiss when I was 14

30. I have letters and diaries that go back as far as primary school.

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