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Day 25/30 – A Random Image & A Story

Welcome to day 25. 5 more days left of the writing challenge and its back to writing without prompts. Anyway day 25 says think of any word and search it on Google images then write something inspired by the 11th image. My sister gave me the word summer randomly and thus was the 11th image

Source: Fragrance Today

So that’s a beach, a beautiful sandy beach. Makes sense that the words summer would be associated with a beach. So I love the beach, I mention the beach a few times in my blog. I know I’ve only ever been there once but still once was enough. However, even though I love the beach I dont know if I would want to stay close to the beach and here’s why:

1. I cannot swim to save my life. I cannot float. I cannot relax in water long enough so it doesn’t drag me down. So seems unsafe to stay by the beach and not be able to swim.

2. Tsunamis could very well occur and we’ve seen the movies, everything gets submerged by water and theres a possibility of crocodiles just ending up in your basement. I wont win a fight against a crocodile.

3. Sharks. Dangerous, poisonous fish. They are lurking in the waters somewhere and you could just be the unlucky one to come across them. The whole time I was in Mozambique I kept thinking I’m going to step on a blowfish or jellyfish or some kind of snake and it will poison me and paralyze me and I’ll drown. I cant get it out of my head.

4. The salt water is bad for my skin, my eyes, and imagine having to rinse off the salt off your body every single time you take a dip in the ocean, sounds tedious.

5. The sunsets would have me totally addicted to the beach. I love sunsets and I love the beach so a combination of the two and it sounds perfect. But too much of anything can make you sick and I wouldn’t want to get sick of the view.

6. Getting sand out of your clothes is a hassle. It ends up in places you dont even expect and that sucks.

The beach calls to me. With its waters and its sandy shores and the way the sky seems to meet the ocean, I find beauty in all of it. Not necessarily the flora and the fauna because I find that just a little creepy I guess its just the water. I still wouldnt permanently stay by the shore, my fear of creatures and natural disasters overpowers my love for the beach.

So this wasnt necessarily a story. I just wrote about the beach. What do you call it when you love something but cannot be with it? That’s the relationship I have with the beach. I guess for now I’ll just remain jealous of those who are always around the beach and aren’t afraid. Hopefully one day I’ll get to enjoy another sunset over the beach.

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