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Day 28/30 – Laugh Out Loud Triggers

I’m not usually the laugh out loud type, especially when watching things. I might think something is funny and not be bothered to laugh. So coming up with 5 things that make me laugh out loud for this challenge wont be easy.

Trevor Noah. Trevor Noah can actually make me laugh out loud. I wouldnt actually go and watch a stand up comedy show but I would watch him through a screen and really laugh.

When I think of Jacob Elordi and Zendaya dating (Nate and Rue from the Euphoria series.) I don’t know why I cant get over it. If you’ve seen the series then you’d know Nate was not the most lovable character and in my head I keep trying to build scenarios in the series of how they might have fallen in love.

This video I saw on Facebook about the annoying orange talking to the apple. I think it’s hilarious. This is the link.

YouTube videos: Samuperty Zulu she’s funny; 85South Show; remixed clips of Date My Family; Wild N Out moments; amongst others.

Then Mind Your Language, a 70s TV show about foreign students in England trying to learn English. Also Jake Peralta from Brooklyn Nine Nine. A couple of scenes from the Korean drama When She Was Pretty. The character of Sokka in the anime Avatar: The Last Airbender. Mike and Marcus in Bad Boys the movie. Lil Dicky being Lil Dicky.

Okay so I underestimated how many things get me to really laugh but yeah those are the first that crossed my mind. I cant really recall a lot of moments in my life where something happened and I still laugh about it now but I’m sure it’s there somewhere.

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