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29/30 – June Goals

Hey. So I’m so close to the end now. It’s been a journey. The challenge today is to write my goals for the next 30 days. We are still in lockdown here and I really dont have many goals.

Goal number 1: Submit all my assignments on time and make sure I put in my best effort for them. Also submit them without falling apart.

Goal number 2: Drink more water. Sometimes water tastes bad but it seems like one of the things you need for everything. Got a headache? Water. Want clear skin? Water. Need to lose weight? Water.

Goal number 3: Cut my hair. I’m not sure if barber shops will be open then but I’m sick of my hair curling and I want it gone. Its driving me crazy.

Goal number 4: This might not sound like a goal but I hope to make it farther than the local shops and get a few things I need from the mall. I only left the house a few days ago after 2 months of being strictly indoors and there were so many people outside. I didn’t like it.

Goal number 5: Write blog pieces. I’m planning a series on something I’m really passionate about so I should probably stick to that and really organize it right.

I dont have any other goals apart from these. I try not to plan long term because each time I do, things happen and change the course of my plans and I have to start at square zero all over again. At the same time I feel weird not making plans for the future because I cant move forward if I dont make plans. It’s a constant battle.

2 thoughts on “29/30 – June Goals”

  1. I couldn’t agree more with how setting goals for the future is a constant battle because of this pandemic. Let’s hope that this ends soon and no more people will get infected. And oh, one of my goals this month is to also drink more water since it is getting hotter these days.
    I hope you are well and staying safe! 💖

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