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30/30 – HIGHS and lows

Hi. 30 days finally. I have completed the 30 day writing challenge. I have had good days where I enjoyed the challenges and then bad days where I found it hard to write about something. Anyway on to the post. The final challenge is writing about the highs and lows of this month.


Getting nominated for the Liebster award. I know it’s not a real award but the recognition for my blog was really nice.

Discovering all the new songs that I did was great. Music is therapeutic for me and I am glad for all the new songs and artists that have helped me through this time.

Making new online friends. I dont know how but I managed to make some new friends online. There is something about connecting with people online who just understand you that is beautiful.

Falling in love with Pinterest. I dont know how or why I wasnt using it all this time but now that I have, I want to use it all the time.

the lows

Covid-19 has been a downer all over the world. Great loss has been suffered by many people because of this virus and that has affected me.

Staying at home every single day. Spending 24 hours in this house with the same people, the same energy, the same air. It has caused tensions in the house and that is never good for anyone.

Receiving a low mark for an assignment I worked really hard for. I put in my time and energy and the grade I got wasnt reflective of that.

I’ve had a few health issues that are still affecting me. The longer they stick around, the more stressed I get and I think the more I stressed I get, the longer they stick around. So it’s a vicious cycle, I’m trying to break.

It has been a blast completing this writing challenge. My favourite blog posts where:

First Love

My Passion

I Miss Her

Something I Never Forgot

All of them were a bit personal maybe that’s why they are my favourites. Now that the challenge is over I’ll be going back to my regular Monday blog posts. Back to closing some of the open tabs in my head and addressing issues that are important one way or the other, to someone somewhere.

Day 30 challenge completed ✅

2 thoughts on “30/30 – HIGHS and lows”

  1. I’m glad you shared your ups and downs. If I were to do a monthly wrap-up I’d probably only focus on the positives. However it’s crucial to share the ‘lows’ too. Obviously don’t get too personal, because there should be a line between life and blogging, but often we forget that people only share the best bits online! x


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