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23 Things To Do Before Turning 23 List

Hey guys. So a month from today I will be turning 23 in July. Great times ahead, I hope. So I’ve seen these kind of lists and usually people have years before they turn whatever age that’s on their lists but I wanted to do this. It is really just an excuse to tackle some things in life disguised as a list. Also I love making lists so hey!

DISCLAIMER: Currently we are in Level 3 of lockdown in South Africa so there isn’t really much you can get out and about to do and also I only have a month so read this list with that in mind.

  1. Get a tattoo – I wanted another tattoo on my birthday. This is something I planned even before the virus pandemic hit and I’m still crossing my fingers that somehow I am still able to do it.
  2. Keep up a skin care routine – I have a tendency of starting things and not finishing them especially things that are supposed to happen in the morning. However, I have spots on my face, I am very anxious to remove.
  3. Keep up a workout routine – It’s cold now and it is hard to wake up in the morning and do a workout. But what’s worse is looking at yourself and thinking you can do better than this, you can feel better about yourself and so I choose that for my future 23 year old self.
  4. Submit every single assignment – Sometimes the work piles up so much and the motivation isn’t there and so I just say “fxck it” but I need to stop doing that. Too much money is going into this degree, I have to make it worth it.
  5. Write a book or book-like – Writing is something I love and I spend half my time playing out plots and story lines in my head. I might as well write a little short book, whether it’s poetry or a mini-short story or something.
  6. Spoil myself – This is something I hardly do. I always feel bad each time I spend money on myself. So I want to buy myself some warm outfits and possibly a cute piece of lingerie. Look I love lingerie, I feel like it helps me be put together. Like yes “I’ve got this.”
  7. Change my passwords – It has been a year or so since I changed my passwords. And even though I don’t think anyone is going to hack me, I just want to feel safe that all my personal things are secure.
  8. Read a book – It has been a while since I really read a book. With assignments, phones and laptops and other things happening, it just seems like there isn’t enough time to read. But there’s always enough time for a good book.
  9. Enjoy my own company – When alone my head always goes all over the place, overthinking and making mountains out of molehills. At the same time when I’m around people, I want to be alone. So this is something to do or learn.
  10. Make decisions – I’ve been putting off making a couple of decisions because I am very indecisive. So I need to make those decisions so life can move forward. It won’t be easy. Decision making never is for me.
  11. Take a step out of my comfort zone – Just a step, small step, whatever I can. Sometimes I just don’t do things because they make me uncomfortable and who doesn’t like being comfortable. When you are comfortable, growth or change is really hard to come by and those are necessary.
  12. Don’t worry so much – I worry too much. You would think I get paid for worrying. I worry about everything from what I’m going to cook for dinner, to the breakouts on my face, to the problems we face in the world and everything in between. I don’t know how to turn off the worrying though.
  13. Tone down the negativity – I read a blog recently saying that sometimes telling yourself to “be more positive” never works. Because then you worry so much about not being positive and then you end up not being positive or something like that. I just want to tone down the negativity, bit by bit, until I’m not a negative person.
  14. Cook an amazing meal – I cook. I’m an alright cook. I love watching cooking shows but I’ve never once followed a recipe or cooked something I’ve seen in a show. So i want to do that just one time.
  15. Make new friends – Not that there’s anything wrong with the friends I already have but I can count less than 10 people I am willing to leave the house in winter for. Also, I just want to make new friends, I could make lasting connections and find more people who are like me.
  16. Take a chance – We will see!
  17. Actively and consciously work on my passions
  18. Write a will – It’s something I think about sometimes. I know who I want to get something and I need someone to deactivate my social media and bank accounts for me.
  19. Watch some of the best queer movies in celebration of Pride Month – I will share which ones I’ve watched or will watch.
  20. Start a hobby – I’m starting to think I want to do too much in one month but I have always wanted to try scrapbooking.
  21. Develop a niche for my blog – I’m still conflicted about this. I don’t know if I need to/ have to but maybe I will.
  22. Be yourself – I need to stop apologizing for who I am and trying to explain who I am to some individuals.
  23. Breathe. Live.

So fingers crossed I accomplish everything on my list but at the same I wont judge myself too harshly if I don’t. One month to go and I’ll let you know how it goes.

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