Me Personally

What’s Got Me Through The Lockdown

1. WiFi – I watch a lot of YouTube videos and Tik Toks and so many Instagram lives. Every now and then streaming new music, new episodes, movies and whatever else people stream. The internet is my friend. My favourite app is Instagram and possibly YouTube.

2. Weed – yeah while everyone was craving/drinking alcohol I was making noodles infused with marijuana. I’m not sure if I’m even supposed to use those words but here we are. Its helped me unwind and sometimes focus. I really think I have great ideas when I’m high, downfall: I just dont remember them.

Sometimes higher…

3. Music – my favourites dvsn dropped an album A Muse in Her Feelings, favourite tracks Outlandish, Keep It Going, For Us. I found some new artists to listen to like sobhhï, Lili Kendall, SEV, Sishii and a bunch of new and old songs to fall in love with. So much music, I can’t even choose favourites. I have probably 10-15 favourite songs right now

4. My sisters – from making Tik Tok videos to late night twerking and playing Crosswords, watching Avatar: The Last Airbender and complaining about the lockdown (and the wifi). They drive me crazy but then it probably would be harder to survive this without them.

5. School – having assignments gives me a reason to get out of bed before 1PM. Sure it is really stressful and tiring but it occupies most of my day usually and it is a good excuse to use to get out of being sent to the shops. I don’t really like the thought of leaving the house. I managed to survive 2 solid months indoors.

6. My Phone – from chatting to friends, DMing strangers, to listening to music, blogging to streaming, to reading, playing games, stalking, researching. It stayed close to me the entire time. I’m writing this piece on my phone so it remains important. So I might be addicted to my phone.

Okay I think that’s about it. Lockdown could be worse. I think I get through it fine on most days. I am anxious that this will never end and the after effects of this Covid-19 pandemic will be unbearable but I’m not thinking about that. If I was an extrovert or outgoing person staying indoors for so long would have drove me up the wall but I’m heavy on the introvert side, just dont like constantly having everyone at home. And now the country is partially open again and some sense of normalcy can be regained, accepting the new norm of wearing a mask everytime you leave the house.

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