The World Needs A Break

I’ve been struggling to write blog posts lately. I wanted Saturdays in June to be dedicated to writing about queer things but I cant seem to find it in me anymore to write. There is so much going on in the world. I feel like if I choose to focus on one thing, I ignore everything else.

In South Africa we are fighting gender-based violence, fighting for the safety and protection of black women who are raped and killed so often in this country. In America people are fighting for black lives to be heard and recognized and protected, fighting for the guilty parties involved in taking black lives to be punished. Then the world is fighting a pandemic, a virus without cure that has taken so many lives.

All this is happening in June, pride month, a month meant to celebrate our pride but we cant even do that right now. To top it off, everyone is going through personal battles and struggles. There have been financial difficulties, xenophobic comments on social media, depression, sickness, death. The future isnt clear and it definitely isnt bright.

I have been overwhelmed with school work, and i am so stressed out. Like so many people in the world, I need a break. The world needs a break. It is difficult trying to see past this pandemic when you still have to survive being a woman in South Africa, being black in America, being a foreigner in South Africa and just being queer wherever you are.

So even though things are hard right now. This is the time to look after yourself. If you are going through the most, a self care day is in order. Surround yourself with positivity and calming effects. Cry if you need to. Sleep if you need to. Take that long bath. Pour that glass of wine. Visit that friend. Feel what you are feeling. You need a break. You deserve it.

Sending out positivity, love, and healing into the world. 🌈🌻🤗

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