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10 Favourite Feelings Tag

Hello everybody. So this is the first time I am doing a tag, thanks to Elle. Check her out and read some of her unpopular opinions here. She tagged me on the 10 of My Favourite Feelings and well let’s see how it goes.

The Rules

*Tag me in the post so that I could read your favourite feelings too!
*List out 10 of your favorite feelings
*Tag other bloggers who would love to do this and share their favourite feelings

My 10 Favorite Feelings Are:

1. Basking in the sun – I love the feel of the sun kissing my skin.

2. Coming home and changing into my sweats and jumping into bed.

3. Hanging out with my best friend, eating and laughing.

3. Eating avocado. I dont know how many times I will mention my love for my avocados. It is genuinely one of my favourite loves.

4. Discovering a new song I want to play on repeat throughout the day. Right now its Tyrese – How You Gonna Act Like That

5. Waking up and having zero obligations. No chores. No assignments. No plans. Just a day I can do whatever I want.

6. Swinging on a swing. It feels like flying. If I see a swing I’m going to swing. I dont care how old I am.

7. Being in a bookstore. I could spend all day touching books and reading the back and daydreaming about building my own library.

8. Playing games with my sisters. Whether its cards, crosswords or doing TikTok dances I love that feeling of us being connected.

9. Finding bargains in my favourite stores. You know that feeling where everything you want is on sale and even things you didnt think you could afford and now you can have it all.

10. Being in love. I love that feeling of butterflies and blood rush when I am talking or spending time with someone I am head over heels in love with. It’s a satisfying feeling.

If you are interested in this tag event, you are welcome to participate and tag me to let me know. I just didnt know who to tag.

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