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Happy Birthday To Me

So today is my birthday and I’m 23. I’m grateful for all the years of life granted to me and I pray for many more. Anyway I did a 23 before 23 list a month ago and I’m happy to announce that I did more than half of the things on my list.

  1. Get a tattoo – Yes I am definitely going to get one. I’ll upload a picture later.
  2. Keep up a skin care routine – Managed to do that surprisingly.
  3. Keep up a workout routine – Nope failed this one dismally.
  4. Submit every single assignment- It was hard but I did it regardless.
  5. Write a book – Edited a book already in the works.
  6. Spoil myself – I did this and it felt great. I bought myself a few things I liked including the lingerie.
  7. Change my passwords – It had actually been 2 years since I last changed them but then yes now I have.
  8. Read a book – I failed to make the time unfortunately.
  9. Enjoy my own company – i do. I always have just never realized it.
  10. Make decisions – I made a few changes that werent easy but were for the best.
  11. Take a step out of my comfort zone – I tried this and I didnt like it really.
  12. Don’t worry so much – I just told myself it will either work out or not regardless it’s not a trainsmash, I’ll just bounce back.
  13. Tone down the negativity – Well I’m not sure about this one yet but we’ll see in the long run.
  14. Cook an amazing meal – I didnt do this.
  15. Make new friends – I made quite a few friends. Its been great.
  16. Take a chance – i went outside, something I’ve been really afraid to do and I got further than the local shops.
  17. Actively and consciously work on my passions – By writing that was a start.
  18. Write a will – I did this. It was a little sad but I did it anyway.
  19. Watch some of the best queer movies in celebration of Pride Month – Also didnt get the time for this because of the assignments I promised to submit.
  20. Start a hobby – I didnt get the time.
  21. Develop a niche for my blog – Decided against it.
  22. Be yourself – More and more so.
  23. Breathe. Live – accomplished.

So this was a somewhat odd list but what I learnt from this and the last 23 years is that I need to stop apologizing for being myself and if I want to be a better person, I need to put in the work and make the changes. Also, I have learnt negativity and worrying really help with absolute nothing, they are useless emotions especially about things that you cant control. My wish for the next years of my life is that I get better at chasing my passions and dealing with change and stepping more and more out of my comfort zone. I wish for a healthy body and healthy mind, some peace of mind and happiness.

I’m 23 πŸŽ‰πŸ’ƒπŸ½

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