Me Personally

Living with Strict African Parents

One word – NIGHTMARE.

African parents will drive you crazy. They will call you from the living room, shouting your name 3 times only for you to get there and they say “change the channel for me.” You will do that and leave and they’ll be calling you back because they just remembered they also want you to make tea. No they couldnt think of that when you were standing right in front of them.

Another thing is, it’s really a matter of “once you are seen they cant unsee you.” So if you get on their radar and they see you, then they will think of you all day long if they need to send someone to do something. I dont think they notice that they do that but in a house filled with 4 kids, its annoying to be the only one called upon.

African parents will never hesitate to remind you whose roof you are living under and whose food you are eating and they will tell you, you can act however you want when you get your own place. Usually this comes after a minor disagreement that blew out of proportion. For example if you are still in bed at 11AM with absolutely no reason that day to wake up and your mother will stand at the door and tell you to get out of bed and the worst thing you can do is ask why. A simple answer would be “cause I said so” but then no it spirals.


They will ask you a million questions before you go anywhere and sometimes end up saying no. The first sleepover I had I was 21, imagine that. It took a lot of convincing and they always make it sound like I’m always going to sleepovers when I ask to go to one. When in actual fact I have been to 3 in my whole life. I’m 23 now and never will I be allowed to go to a nightclub or go anywhere at night or for a weekend.

You can never have your boyfriend pick you up at your door. No he has to wait down the road otherwise in this household its considered disrespectful. Not that I have a boyfriend picking me up but I dont want to walk down the road in heels (not that I wear heels but you catch my drift). You can also never really mention your boyfriend to their faces because well we dont do that here.

Okay now the last thing amongst many is how they absolutely love to invite people over and not give you a warning that you might have to sleep on the floor. They also love to keep people’s children and make snarky remarks about how you all eat too much food. Uhm yes Mother, you invited these people to come stay with us, what did you expect?

Granted not all African parents are this way. Some know how to apologize, admit when they are wrong, make you do things that actually have sensible reasoning behind it and let you be yourself even though it’s their house. Then you find the ones you cant wait to get away from because they are a nightmare to live with and you are still stuck with them. With that said, I love my parents, nightmare and all.

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