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Reset Button

Hey guys. Do you ever get those days where everything seems to be piling up or when you are in your feelings and you really can’t explain why? Either way, you seem to be falling apart. I get those days too and I’m starting to learn how to deal with emotional distress now, pressing my emotional reset button. Therefore, I have made a list:

  1. Have a self care day – Wash your hair, make a face mask, paint your nails, do a body scrub. Anything that makes your outside feel better so you don’t look like your inside.
  2. Take some Me Time – Stop browsing social media. Stop talking. Stop moving so much. Listen to music. Take a break. Get a moment to get clarity about your feelings.
  3. Avoid negative energy – That person who always wants to argue with you, the mother who is always nagging you, the social media account of whoever always makes you feel not good enough. Pretty much declutter your contact list, the people you follow and the things you expose your subconscious to.
  4. Cry – If the urge calls then cry. If that’s how you want to release your anguish, a good cry is always a good idea. Cry as if it’s going to cure whatever you are going through, it won’t but it’ll help just a smidge.
  5. Journal – Write down your emotions and maybe the events that happened before you felt this way. This helps you create awareness about your triggers and helps you understand your emotions better.
  6. Sleep – Sometimes your body just needs to shut down and recover and then your emotions will catch up once your physical has been dealt with. And sometimes you just need to sleep on some things. A good night’s sleep at 10PM not 3AM.
  7. Talk to someone – This can seem a little daunting because sometimes you might think this person won’t understand or take you seriously but we all need someone to lean on that we trust. Talk to that person.
  8. Keep it moving – Last but not least, don’t dwell on it. Feel what you need to, cry how you want to, vent, scream, yell, break dishes and then pick yourself up and force yourself to keep it moving. Even though it’s hard don’t let yourself stay in that state for too long.

People often worry about their physical health, being healthy and having clear skin and emotional health is forgotten. We all get a little depressed, some people more than others. So it’s vital to take a step back if you are feeling like you are slowly losing the reins and falling into an emotional warfare. Sometimes I feel these emotional triggers bubbling beneath the surface but I ignore them because I’m on a deadline, or there’s just more important things to do but when I eventually crash, it’s a lot. I could make life easier for myself. The worst thing you can do is bottle things up, suppress, ignore, pretend it doesn’t exist.

And when you think you won’t make it out of the emotional crisis just remember to make it to the morning, things are brighter during the day.

Anyway, I hope we taking care of ourselves. As much as you wear a mask to protect yourself from the virus, do what you need to, to protect yourself from emotional scars that can be avoided. Put your emotional health at the forefront too, use that emotional reset button when you need to. Take care guys 🌻💛

7 thoughts on “Reset Button”

  1. I actually felt the need to press the rest button a few days ago, so I am glad i stumbled on this blog. I particularly agree when you said about not dwelling on it, eventually you have to move on to achieve the next goal!

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