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How To Physically Self Care

Hey guys so I’ve been gone for a hot minute. I’m sorry the creative juices weren’t flowing no matter how much I tried. There were a lot of things going on in my head and I found it hard to properly communicate my thoughts. I’m back however to talk about self care for your physical self. I mentioned self care in my last post but I didn’t go into details so here I am.

The first thing I like to do for my self care is take care of my face. Your face tells all, when you’re sick, lacking sleep, having hormonal changes, eating junk food, stressed out all those things show on your face usually through break outs. So it’s good to cleanse it deeply every now and then. I like the lemon steam and of course face masks. It always makes your skin feel good.

Take a bath. It could be a bubble bath with some candles, an Epsom salt bath or just a regular warm water bath. I like to take a book with me and read or sometimes simply play music and relax. The bathroom is one of the most private spaces you can occupy and you can really unwind there.

Another thing you can do for yourself is take care of your hair. Have a wash day, shampoo, conditioner, oil treatment. Even trying out a new hairstyle is something that will make you feel good. Clean hair definitely makes you feel much lighter I suppose.

Catch up on sleep. There’s a reason sleep is sometimes referred to as beauty rest. Just dont overdo it because then you’ll wake up tired and that’s counterproductive. A great sleep will help you feel energized and revitalized.

A little physical activity never hurts. I’m studying Human Physiology and I recently read an article about the effects of sitting on your health and I’ve come to realize just how much time I spend sitting. This increases the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases. So you can simply do a few stretches to work out the kinks and knots in your body. Yoga, gym, pilates, a walk, cycling, running, swimming, skipping, hiking whatever it is that works for you.

Make yourself a healthy meal. Often we eat unhealthy food because its tasty, accessible and cheap but more effort should be put in on eating healthier. Having fruits, adding more vegetables, reducing sugar and salt amounts in your food, all the works. I’ve heard the quote “you are what you eat” and apparently that’s true.

Okay lastly something you could do for self care: dance. Play that playlist that always puts you in good spirits and dance. Dance around. Dance like no one is watching. Dance until you are out of breath. Sing along and dance some more. Dance like Beyonce or Troye Sivan. There’s a rush that comes with dancing, you could like it.

Just Dance (source:

There are more ways to physically self care: drink more water, massage therapy, manicure, get sexual and so much more. The body houses your thoughts, your heart, your soul and all the things that make you you so it’s best to put in some effort in taking care of it. There’s also emotional, mental and spiritual self care as well that I will address in my future posts.

For now take care of your bodies. You only get one might as well make it last. šŸŒ»šŸ’›

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