Free Zimbabwe

Hey guys. So some of you might have seen the #ZimbabweanLivesMatter around social media lately. Honestly it’s about time people around the world finally acknowledged the struggles Zimbabwe is going through. I was born in Zimbabwe and even though I live in South Africa this still deeply affects me.

Zimbabwe is considered a low-income country which I guess makes sense because we have our own currency but it’s not really worth much when you compare it to other currencies. So the country has been in an economic crisis for a while now. And there are a lot more problems in Zimbabwe than people are aware of, or rather weren’t aware of until tecently.

Freedom of speech is not free in Zimbabwe. You can’t speak up or speak out without fear that you may be beaten up, killed, arrested or you might suddenly disappear. Even using the #zimbabweanlivesmatter while you are part of the nation has been said to be a terrorist action. The law enforcement does so little to protect the country but are rather feared because of the way they beat civilians who dare put up resistance.

You find people crossing borders just to get decent medication to improve their health because the healthcare industry has failed the people. You are lucky to have water coming from your tap, you are even luckier when it’s clean. Surviving the beaten down roads is a blessing from God. Finding fuel for your car is not always easy and going to the bank is something you might have to get up very early for so you can be helped. There is inflation that doesn’t come with increased salaries or more availability of jobs.

There are a lot of things wrong in Zimbabwe and these are struggles people have been fighting for a really long time. Some are lucky to get out and live better lives in other countries but still this affects them. Some move to countries where foreigners aren’t treated kindly. Some raise their kids in foreign lands never having been to the home land of their parents. Most of the time this doesn’t happen because they want it to, a lot of people would really much rather stay at home but circumstances force them to move to other countries.

So if you see the #zimbabweanlivesmatter it’s for the people in Zimbabwe that the government does nothing for. For those who go missing or have been hurt because they spoke up. For the people who have died because the healthcare system couldn’t do enough. For the kids who will grow up in an unstable environment. For the kids who had to leave to get a better future and dont have memories of the place that was home. It’s for everyone who doesn’t have rights. And trust me a lot of people dont have rights.

I know a lot is going on in the world. Most countries are going through something. The bombing in Lebanon, the increasing femicides in Turkey and overall the pandemic we are still going through. It was hard to write about this and I dont know what much else I can do besides draw attention to it. So if you get the time please sign the petition here and others that you come across it will be a great help.

Love and light to all those who are being affected. Keep faith that change might come soon. 💫🌻

Source: Queer Child

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