You’re Beautiful

Hi guys. It is cold here today and I dont want to get out of bed but I’m trying to keep to my blogging schedule and be consistent so here I am. Today I want to talk some more about body positivity. I dont think there could ever be enough posts emphasizing the beauty of all bodies in the world. And if you didn’t catch my last post on body positivity here it is.

I think the media has played a role in people being uncomfortable with their bodies. At one point the hype was about being skinny and then the hype was about being thick and then the hype was about having an hourglass shape. There’s always something new that is now acceptable. We really dont know what will be considered acceptable in a few years which is why body positivity has become so vital.

I know at some point being light skinned was the way to go which made some people use all kinds of products on their faces and try to bleach their skin to look lighter. However, now dark skin is celebrated and it’s really about time. I just wish some people had known earlier that being dark was beautiful.

Media will always find a way to make people feel lesser than. It will make you feel too skinny, too dark, too thick, too tall, too short, highlighting that one insecurity you have about yourself. It will make you feel bad about your acne, your cellulite, your skin tone, your stretch marks and everything in between. But luckily now that very same media will show you others who celebrate the insecurities that you have.


You can either accept those flaws about yourself or change them not because someone said to but because personally you want to and if it’s for health reasons. I was considered too skinny and I wanted to gain weight and I did and I feel good about that. But there’s no point in suffering trying to lose weight when it won’t make you feel good about yourself and you are doing it because people have pushed you into that state.

Body positivity is about feeling great in your body and your body choices. It’s about looking at yourself in the mirror and liking what you see and being happy about it. Body positivity is about acceptance, inclusivity, celebration and feeling good, having a positive body image and being healthy.


So if at any point you’ve felt like your body wasn’t good enough and you needed to starve yourself and bleach your skin, and do harsh things to yourself, there’s no need to. You decide what your body gets to look like. You decide to celebrate every part of you that you think is flawed. You decide what the definition of beauty is. And you’re definitely beautiful regardless of what anyone says.

6 thoughts on “You’re Beautiful”

  1. I love my body a lot more now but growing up it was hard since I was always a bit chubby. However, I finally realised that I’m happy with what I look like and I’m fine with my weight.

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