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Oh, How I Love Spring

So spring has finally sprung down here in South Africa. Well semi-sprung because it is still a little chilly some days or maybe it’s just my house. Anyway I love sunny days and blue skies and the jacaranda trees that bloom are so pretty. Everyone else I know seems to prefer those grey days and they call it “perfect weather”, I beg to differ. There’s just something about waking up and seeing a bright blue sky outside and walking outside to be bathed in this warm glow. I absolutely love it so much. Also I love wearing less clothes, shorts, tank tops, light, airy clothing. I am ready to pack away my hoodies and sweatpants and not see them unless its raining.

So I have a list of things I want to do while its spring. I don’t get out much but I love being in the sun so I might as well do some fun things. Here’s a list, feel free to suggest some social distancing friendly, fun activities in the comments.

  1. Have a picnic – I love food, I love sunshine, I love parks. It is really sort of a perfect date, combining all of my favourite things. So yes a picnic is definitely on my to-do list and it would definitely comply with social distancing regulations. Not sure if parks are open yet but I could make it happen in my backyard. I just need to invite someone or better yet do it alone.
  2. Have a pedicure – I will be ditching the warm fuzzy socks for open sandals and well my toes could use some tender loving care or is it tender, love & care, I’m not sure which. Because I don’t really like people touching my feet, I will most likely do it myself. Okay maybe I will just cut my nails and paint them and call it a pedicure.
  3. Do some yoga – Look I’ve been saying I will do some yoga for a while but when it’s cold it is really not a motivation. So spring might be the time to jumpstart my yoga life. I know, I know, I should do it regardless but I’m only human okay.
  4. Organize my clothes – I love colours, I love prints, I love flowers, I love light airy clothes so it would be nice to organize those clothes, put them on and all that stuff.
  5. Make popsicles – Find something delicious and make popsicles. I don’t know what exactly. I have never made popsicles. I don’t have the first clue about making any. However, I am curious to know if you can make alcohol popsicles. I will find out and I will make delicious alcohol-infused popsicles.
  6. Go out on a date – Go out on a nice date, pick a seat that is outside, have some seasonal food, drink some bright coloured drinks. I can picture it already, in a cute dress, with some sandals and my legs out and all that. It could be really fun and I could soak up some sun and do some people watching.
  7. Go for a walk – I really wish I had a bike because that would be more fun but a walk will have to do. I live a pretty sedentary life and I walk if I need to. Drinking water makes me stand up more than usual otherwise I would be on my ass all day.
  8. Do something nice with my hair – Maybe, maybe. I’m trying not to touch it but my hair is getting boring. I usually do fun things with my hair but I am now trying to repair the damage I did with all the bleaching.

I wish I lived in those cities with beaches, where you could ride your bikes and attend wine festivals and food markets. That would be such a joy especially in Spring. Honestly I can feel my mood getting better at the thought of spring being in full swing. Anyway, I’m not sure what the weather is like in other parts of the world right now but happy spring to South Africa!!! This is the time to bloom…

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