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Happy Birthday To Me

So today is my birthday and I'm 23. I'm grateful for all the years of life granted to me and I pray for many more. Anyway I did a 23 before 23 list a month ago and I'm happy to announce that I did more than half of the things on my list. Get a… Continue reading Happy Birthday To Me

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Sunshine Blogger Award

Hi everybody. I've been nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award for the first time. Even though it's not a real award, I an still honoured to be nominated. I was nominated by Nath, thank you Nath. Please do check out her awesome blog here. You will find random blogs about everything that are so enjoyable… Continue reading Sunshine Blogger Award

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Let’s Talk Sexual Harassment

Sigh. This is a topic that needs to be had because apparently we dont talk about it enough. We only really address it when a story hits the news about a woman abused, raped and killed but then like every other story it dies down. These are the type of things we should never let… Continue reading Let’s Talk Sexual Harassment

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What’s Got Me Through The Lockdown

1. WiFi - I watch a lot of YouTube videos and Tik Toks and so many Instagram lives. Every now and then streaming new music, new episodes, movies and whatever else people stream. The internet is my friend. My favourite app is Instagram and possibly YouTube. 2. Weed - yeah while everyone was craving/drinking alcohol… Continue reading What’s Got Me Through The Lockdown

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Things I’ve Learnt About Being a Rainbow Child 🌈

Hey everyone. Since pride month is still in session I want to take this opportunity to share the things I've learnt about being part of the LGBTQ++ community. These are things I've personally learnt and some my friends have learnt. 1. Meeting people is hard especially if your sexuality isnt very obvious. Feminine lesbians or… Continue reading Things I’ve Learnt About Being a Rainbow Child 🌈

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23 Things To Do Before Turning 23 List

Hey guys. So a month from today I will be turning 23 in July. Great times ahead, I hope. So I've seen these kind of lists and usually people have years before they turn whatever age that's on their lists but I wanted to do this. It is really just an excuse to tackle some… Continue reading 23 Things To Do Before Turning 23 List