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Well Damn

So my phone has been literally silent for the last 4 days. Not one single person has texted me and well I haven't texted anyone either. I'm not surprised though I feel like I have nothing to say. Do you ever have those days where it seems like everyone around you is doing something with… Continue reading Well Damn

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Sunshine Blogger Award

Hi everybody. I've been nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award for the first time. Even though it's not a real award, I an still honoured to be nominated. I was nominated by Nath, thank you Nath. Please do check out her awesome blog here. You will find random blogs about everything that are so enjoyable… Continue reading Sunshine Blogger Award


Till Death Do Us Apart

So I was rewatching Wonder Woman with my sister and there was a point where Diana asked Steve why people still marry even though they cant keep their promise of "forever, till death do us apart" and that was a good question. Why do people want to get married? Culture and religion both push in… Continue reading Till Death Do Us Apart


Day 27/30 – Women Kicking Ass

Hi! Three more days before this challenge is over. Day 27 wants me to write about something that is kicking ass right now and I didnt have to think about that. The answer is women. Women have been kicking ass for a while. From actual real life to fictional characters in movies and series. The… Continue reading Day 27/30 – Women Kicking Ass

Me Personally

Day 18/30 – 30 Facts About Me

Hi. It's a typical day spent in lockdown again and day 18 asks me to share 30 facts about me. Well here are some facts. 1. I like to write 2. I'm an advocate for sex positivity. 3. I like books more than movies 4. Chicken is my favourite food 5. I'm always ready to… Continue reading Day 18/30 – 30 Facts About Me

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Open Relationships, Do They Work??

Yes and No. They are for some people and others not so much. A lot of people see it as allowed cheating and that's why open relationships get a bad rep. And few people see it as a way to be who they are openly. Because we know some people just cannot do monogamy. So… Continue reading Open Relationships, Do They Work??

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Crazy Things People Do in the Name of Love

It's that time again. That time filled with hearts and flowers and teddies and chocolate, where there's red everywhere and love is in the air. Valentine's day is around the corner. Valentine's day, a ridiculous holiday that couples use to appreciate each other and get each other cheesy gifts and do cheesy shit. Usually the… Continue reading Crazy Things People Do in the Name of Love

Sex & Relationships

Can Exes Be Friends?

So a while ago I posted a photo of my ex on my status to celebrate his birthday and half of my contact list was surprised, confused, suspicious and whatnot. I didnt get it. I'm friends with all my exes. But apparently that's not really possible especially if you really loved the said ex and… Continue reading Can Exes Be Friends?

Sex & Relationships

Is there cheating that can be justified??

The answer is NO. According to the many friends I asked there's no cheating that can be justified. There's never a good enough reason to cheat, sure it is forgivable but not justifiable. Whatever the problem your relationship has, you talk about it or you leave the relationship. There's absolutely no reason to cheat. I… Continue reading Is there cheating that can be justified??