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30/30 – HIGHS and lows

Hi. 30 days finally. I have completed the 30 day writing challenge. I have had good days where I enjoyed the challenges and then bad days where I found it hard to write about something. Anyway on to the post. The final challenge is writing about the highs and lows of this month. THE HIGHS… Continue reading 30/30 – HIGHS and lows

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29/30 – June Goals

Hey. So I'm so close to the end now. It's been a journey. The challenge today is to write my goals for the next 30 days. We are still in lockdown here and I really dont have many goals. Goal number 1: Submit all my assignments on time and make sure I put in my… Continue reading 29/30 – June Goals

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Day 28/30 – Laugh Out Loud Triggers

I'm not usually the laugh out loud type, especially when watching things. I might think something is funny and not be bothered to laugh. So coming up with 5 things that make me laugh out loud for this challenge wont be easy. Trevor Noah. Trevor Noah can actually make me laugh out loud. I wouldnt… Continue reading Day 28/30 – Laugh Out Loud Triggers


Day 27/30 – Women Kicking Ass

Hi! Three more days before this challenge is over. Day 27 wants me to write about something that is kicking ass right now and I didnt have to think about that. The answer is women. Women have been kicking ass for a while. From actual real life to fictional characters in movies and series. The… Continue reading Day 27/30 – Women Kicking Ass

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Day 22 – Music on Shuffle

Hello. Hi. Hey. Day 22 of the 30 day writing challenge. I'm probably never going to do this again honestly. But it's almost 30 days so here we are. Today challenge says put my music on shuffle and post the first 10 songs. A little rap, a little R&B, a little alternative, some pop, some… Continue reading Day 22 – Music on Shuffle