Day 27/30 – Women Kicking Ass

Hi! Three more days before this challenge is over. Day 27 wants me to write about something that is kicking ass right now and I didnt have to think about that. The answer is women. Women have been kicking ass for a while. From actual real life to fictional characters in movies and series. The… Continue reading Day 27/30 – Women Kicking Ass

Sex & Relationships

Day 10/30 – What I Feel Strongly About

Hi there. So today as part of the writing challenge for day 10 I'm supposed to write about something I feel really strongly about. This is quite tricky because some of the things I do feel strongly about are controversial and really just cause a lot of arguments. So it wasnt easy choosing a topic… Continue reading Day 10/30 – What I Feel Strongly About

Me Personally

What if we all had 2 mums?

I dont remember what I was watching when the person said "what if we all had two mums because fathers seem to mess us up." That really spoke to me given the sort of complicated relationship I have with my father. Sometimes I think about that like what if I had two mothers instead would… Continue reading What if we all had 2 mums?


Is Your Virginity Important Really?

No. Absolutely not. Hell no. Just to clarify: virginity is not important for me. Me personally. Yes virginity is something you cant take back and when you lose it, that has to be a choice you make. You get to decide whether losing your virginity is important or it's not. It's not automatically important because… Continue reading Is Your Virginity Important Really?