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Well Damn

So my phone has been literally silent for the last 4 days. Not one single person has texted me and well I haven't texted anyone either. I'm not surprised though I feel like I have nothing to say. Do you ever have those days where it seems like everyone around you is doing something with… Continue reading Well Damn

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Happy Birthday To Me

So today is my birthday and I'm 23. I'm grateful for all the years of life granted to me and I pray for many more. Anyway I did a 23 before 23 list a month ago and I'm happy to announce that I did more than half of the things on my list. Get a… Continue reading Happy Birthday To Me

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What’s Got Me Through The Lockdown

1. WiFi - I watch a lot of YouTube videos and Tik Toks and so many Instagram lives. Every now and then streaming new music, new episodes, movies and whatever else people stream. The internet is my friend. My favourite app is Instagram and possibly YouTube. 2. Weed - yeah while everyone was craving/drinking alcohol… Continue reading What’s Got Me Through The Lockdown

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30/30 – HIGHS and lows

Hi. 30 days finally. I have completed the 30 day writing challenge. I have had good days where I enjoyed the challenges and then bad days where I found it hard to write about something. Anyway on to the post. The final challenge is writing about the highs and lows of this month. THE HIGHS… Continue reading 30/30 – HIGHS and lows

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Day 14/30 – Favourite Movies Of All Time

Hi! So if you've been keeping up with my blog you'll notice I'm doing a 30 day writing challenge. Today is day 14 and I'll be talking about movies I'll never get tired of watching. There aren't that many I think so maybe I'll keep the list to 10 or less. 1. With no doubt… Continue reading Day 14/30 – Favourite Movies Of All Time

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Day 13/30 – What I’m Excited About

What am I excited about? The answer to that is easy.. Life after lockdown. I cannot wait till lockdown is lifted and people start leaving the house and my sister and I can act like we are the landlords again. I'm not excited to go outside, more excited for everyone else to go outside. I… Continue reading Day 13/30 – What I’m Excited About

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Day 12/30 – 5 Blessings In Life

Hello. Welcome to day 12 of my 30 day challenge. Today I touch on things that I consider blessings in my life. Okay so disclaimer this list isnt done according to most important or whatever. However number 1 is legitimately number 1. Also I have many blessings in my life and it wont be possible… Continue reading Day 12/30 – 5 Blessings In Life