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10 Favourite Feelings Tag

Hello everybody. So this is the first time I am doing a tag, thanks to Elle. Check her out and read some of her unpopular opinions here. She tagged me on the 10 of My Favourite Feelings and well let's see how it goes. The Rules *Tag me in the post so that I could… Continue reading 10 Favourite Feelings Tag

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23 Things To Do Before Turning 23 List

Hey guys. So a month from today I will be turning 23 in July. Great times ahead, I hope. So I've seen these kind of lists and usually people have years before they turn whatever age that's on their lists but I wanted to do this. It is really just an excuse to tackle some… Continue reading 23 Things To Do Before Turning 23 List

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Day 22 – Music on Shuffle

Hello. Hi. Hey. Day 22 of the 30 day writing challenge. I'm probably never going to do this again honestly. But it's almost 30 days so here we are. Today challenge says put my music on shuffle and post the first 10 songs. A little rap, a little R&B, a little alternative, some pop, some… Continue reading Day 22 – Music on Shuffle

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Day 21/30 – Lessons For My Future Kids

Hello. A quick reminder of what I'm doing in the image below. Today day 21 I talk about 3 lessons I want my kids to learn from me. I think that means things i want to teach them really. I've thought about this a few times, like if I were to really have kids what… Continue reading Day 21/30 – Lessons For My Future Kids

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Day 20/30 – Celebrity Crushes

Hello. Day 20 of the challenge. We are almost there. Today I'll talk about my celebrity crushes. A topic I dont need prompting to talk about because I love these people. 1. Those who know me know Meagan Good is first and foremost my crush and also a person I look up to. She acts… Continue reading Day 20/30 – Celebrity Crushes

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Day 14/30 – Favourite Movies Of All Time

Hi! So if you've been keeping up with my blog you'll notice I'm doing a 30 day writing challenge. Today is day 14 and I'll be talking about movies I'll never get tired of watching. There aren't that many I think so maybe I'll keep the list to 10 or less. 1. With no doubt… Continue reading Day 14/30 – Favourite Movies Of All Time

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Day 13/30 – What I’m Excited About

What am I excited about? The answer to that is easy.. Life after lockdown. I cannot wait till lockdown is lifted and people start leaving the house and my sister and I can act like we are the landlords again. I'm not excited to go outside, more excited for everyone else to go outside. I… Continue reading Day 13/30 – What I’m Excited About