Sex & Relationships

Can Love be Learnt?

In the olden days and part of these new days there was such a thing called arranged marriage. Families would come together and discuss the marriage of their kids without the kids consent. And it didnt matter if you knew or loved the person you were set to marry, you could always learn to love… Continue reading Can Love be Learnt?


Till Death Do Us Apart

So I was rewatching Wonder Woman with my sister and there was a point where Diana asked Steve why people still marry even though they cant keep their promise of "forever, till death do us apart" and that was a good question. Why do people want to get married? Culture and religion both push in… Continue reading Till Death Do Us Apart

Sex & Relationships

Crazy Things People Do in the Name of Love

It's that time again. That time filled with hearts and flowers and teddies and chocolate, where there's red everywhere and love is in the air. Valentine's day is around the corner. Valentine's day, a ridiculous holiday that couples use to appreciate each other and get each other cheesy gifts and do cheesy shit. Usually the… Continue reading Crazy Things People Do in the Name of Love