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10 Favourite Feelings Tag

Hello everybody. So this is the first time I am doing a tag, thanks to Elle. Check her out and read some of her unpopular opinions here. She tagged me on the 10 of My Favourite Feelings and well let's see how it goes. The Rules *Tag me in the post so that I could… Continue reading 10 Favourite Feelings Tag

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30/30 – HIGHS and lows

Hi. 30 days finally. I have completed the 30 day writing challenge. I have had good days where I enjoyed the challenges and then bad days where I found it hard to write about something. Anyway on to the post. The final challenge is writing about the highs and lows of this month. THE HIGHS… Continue reading 30/30 – HIGHS and lows

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Day 28/30 – Laugh Out Loud Triggers

I'm not usually the laugh out loud type, especially when watching things. I might think something is funny and not be bothered to laugh. So coming up with 5 things that make me laugh out loud for this challenge wont be easy. Trevor Noah. Trevor Noah can actually make me laugh out loud. I wouldnt… Continue reading Day 28/30 – Laugh Out Loud Triggers

Me Personally

Day 18/30 – 30 Facts About Me

Hi. It's a typical day spent in lockdown again and day 18 asks me to share 30 facts about me. Well here are some facts. 1. I like to write 2. I'm an advocate for sex positivity. 3. I like books more than movies 4. Chicken is my favourite food 5. I'm always ready to… Continue reading Day 18/30 – 30 Facts About Me