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Can Love be Learnt?

In the olden days and part of these new days there was such a thing called arranged marriage. Families would come together and discuss the marriage of their kids without the kids consent. And it didnt matter if you knew or loved the person you were set to marry, you could always learn to love… Continue reading Can Love be Learnt?


Till Death Do Us Apart

So I was rewatching Wonder Woman with my sister and there was a point where Diana asked Steve why people still marry even though they cant keep their promise of "forever, till death do us apart" and that was a good question. Why do people want to get married? Culture and religion both push in… Continue reading Till Death Do Us Apart

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Day 22 – Music on Shuffle

Hello. Hi. Hey. Day 22 of the 30 day writing challenge. I'm probably never going to do this again honestly. But it's almost 30 days so here we are. Today challenge says put my music on shuffle and post the first 10 songs. A little rap, a little R&B, a little alternative, some pop, some… Continue reading Day 22 – Music on Shuffle

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Day 20/30 – Celebrity Crushes

Hello. Day 20 of the challenge. We are almost there. Today I'll talk about my celebrity crushes. A topic I dont need prompting to talk about because I love these people. 1. Those who know me know Meagan Good is first and foremost my crush and also a person I look up to. She acts… Continue reading Day 20/30 – Celebrity Crushes

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Day 14/30 – Favourite Movies Of All Time

Hi! So if you've been keeping up with my blog you'll notice I'm doing a 30 day writing challenge. Today is day 14 and I'll be talking about movies I'll never get tired of watching. There aren't that many I think so maybe I'll keep the list to 10 or less. 1. With no doubt… Continue reading Day 14/30 – Favourite Movies Of All Time

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Day 13/30 – What I’m Excited About

What am I excited about? The answer to that is easy.. Life after lockdown. I cannot wait till lockdown is lifted and people start leaving the house and my sister and I can act like we are the landlords again. I'm not excited to go outside, more excited for everyone else to go outside. I… Continue reading Day 13/30 – What I’m Excited About

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Day 12/30 – 5 Blessings In Life

Hello. Welcome to day 12 of my 30 day challenge. Today I touch on things that I consider blessings in my life. Okay so disclaimer this list isnt done according to most important or whatever. However number 1 is legitimately number 1. Also I have many blessings in my life and it wont be possible… Continue reading Day 12/30 – 5 Blessings In Life

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Day 10/30 – What I Feel Strongly About

Hi there. So today as part of the writing challenge for day 10 I'm supposed to write about something I feel really strongly about. This is quite tricky because some of the things I do feel strongly about are controversial and really just cause a lot of arguments. So it wasnt easy choosing a topic… Continue reading Day 10/30 – What I Feel Strongly About

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Day 9/30 – Words of Wisdom

Hi. Hello. Hey. Day 9 of the 30 day challenge is here and today I'm supposed to share some words of wisdom. I dont know how to do that but I am gonna try. I was watching Insecure the other day when Derek (Tiffany's husband) and Lawrence were talking looking over at Derek's baby girl,… Continue reading Day 9/30 – Words of Wisdom