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What if we all had 2 mums?

I dont remember what I was watching when the person said "what if we all had two mums because fathers seem to mess us up." That really spoke to me given the sort of complicated relationship I have with my father. Sometimes I think about that like what if I had two mothers instead would… Continue reading What if we all had 2 mums?


Girl Code & all its complications

So lately there’s this storyline circulating around my local favourite soapies of how one sister wants the ex of her sister. It got me thinking about girl code as my sisters and I talked about it. Simply put, Girl Code is an unspoken set of rules that should guide female relationships whether its sisters, or… Continue reading Girl Code & all its complications

Sex & Relationships

Sexual Liberation in the 21st century

So I’ve been finding it hard to write a little lately, one of those things that happen to writers. And today as I watching the series Euphoria, it hit me how I should talk about SEXUAL LIBERATION. So sexual liberation is basically owning your sexuality, being in charge of your body and doing whatever you… Continue reading Sexual Liberation in the 21st century